A well conducted feasibility assessment coupled with a comprehensive recruitment strategy are key elements for the success of a clinical study. Feasibility assessments provide our clients with rapid feedback on disease states, protocol design, treatment patterns and subject recruitment rates. This allows our clients to make decisions based on up to date sound information, allowing for early planning and significant mitigation of potential barriers to study timelines and objectives.

Our team has extensive experience conducting feasibility assessments for clinical trials in many therapeutic areas. These assessments can either be in-depth or concise depending on time and project requirements. A combination of our extensive database of potential Investigators, along with well established relationships with key study sites built up over many years facilitates timely, comprehensive and accurate responses.


A successful trial is always dependent on timely subject recruitment, with recruitment issues all too easily resulting in increased costs and delayed timelines for a project. Significant delays can even have serious implications on the clinical program as a whole, greatly increasing the cost and time it takes to bring a treatment to market.

Southern Star Research believes that a recruitment strategy is an essential part of study start up and planning. This strategy should focus on many factors, including:

  • Protocol Design – ensuring the study is appropriate to the patient population, regulatory environment and targeted investigators as possible.
  • Feasibility Assessments – to identify the correct countries, sites and investigators for the study.
  • Investigator Identification – to ensure that appropriate investigators are involved from the start so the recruitment period can be maximised.
  • Site Selection – to maximise patient pools and ensure site resources are adequately dedicated to the study.
  • Patient Advocacy Groups – to optimise involvement of investigators, communicate trial details to potential subjects and gain exposure for the study.
  • Advertising & Marketing – to assist with education on study details to the general public to develop marketing and advertising programs, and materials to potential subjects and boost recruitment.
  • Site & Investigator Motivation – develop and implement strategies to drive and / or re-energise study engagement